Jump Schedule

Note: This is a schedule based on the number of currently registered plungers on the website (171). The number of plungers for each group is listed to the right of the team name. Rotary reserves the right to adjust the schedule if necessary to move the event along or to eliminate slowdowns.  YOUR TIME MAY change!!

Winter Plunge 2019   –   Estimated Plunge Times

12:00 Estimated Start Time  Posting of Colors  National Anthem

Forest Lake City Council1
Bolton & Menk13
Stillwater Sunrise Club3
Dane Jumpers9
Plungers for a Playground21
 FLAST Floaters8
 Freezen for a Reason5
 Goats Gone Wild2
 Team YMCA23
 Forest Lake Leaping Lions4
 Forest Lake Football26
 Wrench Monkeys3
 Team LILA26
 Sky’s the Limit2
 North Polar Plungers13
Forest Lake LAX Leapers1
 FLHS Rotary Interact6
 Green HoriZen2
 Minnie Perl1
 All Others3