Frequently Asked Questions

What is Registration?

Plunge registration is the collection of your plunge waiver documents, collection of off-line pledges from plunge team members.  In addition we provide the plungers or team captains with ‘Famous Last Words’ forms, wristbands and t-shirts.

When is Registration?

Registration is the Friday evening prior to the plunge (5pm to 8pm) and Saturday morning of the plunge from (8am until noon).  Many team captains choose to register their plungers on the day prior to the plunge, it makes things go much smoother on plunge day!

In 2019, registration will be open on February 15th and February 16th.

Where is Registration?

Registration is at Vannelli’s by the Lake, located at 55 Lake St S, Forest Lake, MN 55025

When is the latest I can register?

We encourage all plunge registrants to get their registration in early, create their own fundraising page and collect as many pledges as they can.

Registering on-line before Friday evening helps Rotary to plan the plunge team schedule.

This being said, we still can accept registrations up till noon the day of the plunge, however a large influx of team members may cause the teams plunge to be either split or moved to the end of the plunge event.

How old must I be to plunge?

Plungers(participants) must be 10 years of age and in good health to participate in the plunge.

Plungers under the age of 13 must have a parent onsite at the plunge.

Plungers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their plunge waiver.

What are the requirements to plunge?

All plungers must sign a written waiver in order to receive a wristband and plunge at the event.

All plungers must wear shoes.

Rotary strongly encourages all plungers to collect a minimum of $75.00 in pledges to cover the cost of their involvement in the plunge.

How do pledges/sponsorships work?

When a group/organization becomes a participating member, it agrees to collect pledges for their organization.  All pledges received will count towards your teams fundraising goal. All checks must be made payable to Rotary Club of Forest Lake. If cash is given to fulfill a pledge, please mark the pledger as paid and turn in cash or write a check from your organization for the cash amount. You/your organization is responsible for making sure that all pledges are collected and delivered to the RCFL no later than the date of the Plunge. We suggest you collect pledges at the time you ask to eliminate the need for going back to the pledger for the funds. Bad/uncollected checks will be charged against your organization. Make sure to invite your pledgers to come to the Winter Plunge and watch you plunge! PLEDGES MAY BE MADE ONLINE AT

Is there an alternate plunge date?

No, the plunge requires a great deal of coordination, planning along with a large number of volunteers and safety personnel.  Moving the event to another weekend would be impractical and costly so there is no alternate date scheduled.

What conditions would cause the plunge to be cancelled?

Our greatest concern is always for thin ice.  The ice needs to be sixteen inches thick, at a minimum, to insure that everyone can be on the ice safely.  Other inclement weather, extreme cold or a snowstorm may also cause cancellation.

When is it too cold to plunge?

When we can’t get the Norwegian to go outside.  We also consult law enforcement and safety personnel.

Does Rotary refuse plunge teams or plungers?

The Rotary Club of Forest Lake reserves the right to refuse to allow organizations and/or Plungers that do not conform to our Mission Statement and/or the Rotary International Four Way Test.

Where can I get plunge forms?

Plunge forms are available here.

Who is FirstGiving?

FirstGiving is a service provided by a company called “Frontstream” that provides the online infrastructure and services used to register teams, plungers and help organize our event.  Rotary Club of Forest Lake has contracted with them to provide online support for the Winter Plunge 2019 – Gettin’ Cold for YOUR Cause. Through the website you can register for the event, collect donations from family and friends and more.

Is my information secure?

Yes, Frontstream and Firstgiving have made every effort to protect your personal information.  We use industry standard SSL encryption techniques to make sure that your credit card information, email address and other personal information is protected as you register or pledge.

Does anyone get my e-mail address?

No, Frontstream nor its affiliates have any access to your e-mail address, nor do they have permission to use it for future marketing.  The Rotary Club of Forest Lake, may contact you via e-mail in the future to inform you of plunge related happenings or events.  You may opt out of these e-mails within the Firstgiving system at the time of registration or by notifying us at

Are my donations tax deductible?

That depends.  All donations are split between the team’s cause and the Rotary club’s charitable efforts.  As a donor you should determine if the organization your team supports holds a non-profit status and if the funds will be used for a purpose that is considered tax deductible.

How does the Rotary Club of Forest Lake utilize the contributions?

To get more information on how Rotary Club of Forest Lake uses contributions, please email You can also visit our website at or call us at (612) 200-6366 for more information.

What if my cause is not affiliated with a 501 (c)(3) organization?

We encourage all groups wishing to raise funds for a good, humanitarian cause to look to the plunge as an avenue for fundraising.  The Rotary Club of Forest Lake may be able to assist your group in partnering with an existing non-profit organization that would act as a fiscal sponsor for your group.

When do funds get distributed to our cause?

Funds are distributed approximately 30 days after the plunge date to insure that all contributions have been received.

Is there anything special required for the charitable organization to receive funds?

Yes!!!  Charitable organizations or their representatives need to fill out the organization registration form, available here.

How are funds split between Rotary and the Organization?

If your team collects pledges, the entire amount is split with 70 percent going to your organization’s cause and 30 percent going to Rotary.  The 70/30 split goes back to dollar 1.

Are there fundraising challenges & incentives?

Oh yeah baby!  We have lots of challenges, especially around the holidays so get those friends and relatives fired up for your great cause and you might get some bonus $$ for your cause along with a cool prize.